HemoPax™ – Hemoteqs proprietary DEB-Technology

Drug eluting balloons (DEB) represent a valuable innovative tool for complex and challenging vascular interventions in application areas such as in-stent restenosis, long lesions, bifurcations and small vessels.

Hemoteq is a manufacturing pioneer for DEB coatings since the early days of inception of this break-through technology. Our expertise in DEB design and serial manufacturing is based on proprietary process know-how, engineering excellence, unique equipment and stringent process and quality control routines.

Drug Eluting Balloon coating


Today, Hemoteq is presenting HemoPax™, a next generation balloon coating tailored around the unique properties of Paclitaxel. This proprietary excipient based platform has been designed to be more efficient than currently available concepts. Further enhanced DEB concepts are under development.

Recently, numerous DEB´s co-developed with renowned clients have gained regulatory approval, backed by impressive clinical evidence of therapeutic efficacy and safety. The track record of commercially successful DEB´s is slated for future growth.

Be prepared to enter the next revolution in vascular therapy: take a ride into the future of targeted drug delivery with the manufacturing pioneer of excipient based systems.

Hemoteq. Shaping the future.